Semplates monitors your email sending statistics.

AWS’ Simple Email Service (SES) allows you to send emails up to 100 times cheaper than other competitors such as Mailchimp, SendGrid, SendInBlue. But AWS SES lacks an interface for editing and creating email templates by drag and drop text or image modules and generate responsive HTML code. Often product and marketing teams are not able to create and manage those templates themselves as it demands writing the corresponding code. Hence, this results in an extra workload for developers.

Edit email templates via drag & drop

There have already been a lot of open-source approaches addressing the above matter. On GitHub projects can be found which provide…

Recently I encountered the problem, that we had both, the API and the Frontend Application on the same App Service on Microsoft Azure. For the Frontend we used Vue, so we had the problem that the internal routing was not working as it is an SPA.

So whenever we changed the route and reloaded the page, we had an error that stated:

The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable

which makes sense, as a specific file or folder is searched for, but it is physically not existing as it is…

Heat Map of T-Drive Data Set

Evaluating and plotting trajectorial data has always one crucial requirement. The ability to accurately plot this data always depends on how far apart two consecutive coordinates are from each other, both in time and space.

In this article I would like to show how you can upsample trajectorial data with the Google Directions API. As example data I chose the T-Drive data set, but you could basically reuse the exact code if you adjust the column names and formats to your input data (an example is given below).

The T-Drive data set contains 17,662,250 GPS points, which were recorded within…

In this article I would like to describe how you can create a Docker container that can be run as a Task on an AWS Fargate Cluster which basically kills itself after running.

We would all like to schedule reoccuring tasks as easy and efficient as possible. In every complex project this is needed for updating data, ingesting data or similar use cases. With AWS Fargate it is possible to have orchestrated clusters on which you can run your tasks in Docker Containers. Furthermore it is possible to create the infrastructure of a cluster, service and corresponding tasks with terraform…

Jonathan Mandt

Co-Founder and Backend Developer at, Berlin, Germany.

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